Our Solutions

These are the solutions we provide:

Uncapped Voice for Call Centres:

  • We offer uncapped voice solutions for outbound Call Centres.
  • We charge a fixed rate per seat per month which is the most competitive in South Africa.
  • We allow you to dial from 8 am to 6pm (Monday to Friday) and 8am to 1pm on a Saturday.
  • Our voice includes a full predictive dialer option so you get 2 lines per agent.
  • We offer a 24/7 off-site monitoring with minimum downtime.
  • If you take more than 30 seats, we offer a free on-site technician as an option subject to area that you are based in.
  • We offer calls uncapped, calls to all local landline and cellular providers within South Africa.
  • We do not offer international calls in this package however we offer special rates on international calls if required.
  • We offer outbound or inbound numbers with our service.
  • We can port existing numbers if required.

Uncapped Data for call centres:

  • We work with all Tier 1 providers for Fibre in South Africa.
  • We offer layer 3 service for full internet usage with a 99.5% up-time guarantee.
  • We also offer layer 2 for voice for any of your VPN needs.
  • We will negotiate the best deals on the market with our discounts and pass onto you the end user.
  • We have a team of skilled solution specialists to assist with Internet/Web security, Network security and Hardware security.
  • We will also facilitate data centre offering to complement your solution.
  • All we require is your GPS coordinates and we will conduct a desktop survey.

Call Centre Platforms:

  • We use Vicidial as our primary system.
  • We offer integration into various systems and sectors.
  • We cater for Debt Counsellors, Debt Collections, Cellular Sales,Insurance,Tracking and all sectors.
  • We can integrate into any CRM or front end.
  • We have our OWN SMS platform for call centre.
  • We have our own live AVS platform

Call Centre Leads/Lead Generation:

  • We currently have our own loyalty and wellness programs, and have access for digital marketing to over 20 million South Africans and Africans as well.
  • We have over 2500 field agents in every province in South Africa which gives us the edge with direct face to face lead generation.
  • We have our own sms/vms and email gateway platforms to offer smart marketing options.
  • We even own software to clean cellphone numbers by pulling out non-existence in our platform.
  • We offer sms from as little as 16 cents return billing with DMS live opt outs.
  • We also offer data cleaning to your existing bases.

Call Centre Staffing:

  • We have a partnership with all learnership programs in South Africa.
  • This means we can offer workplace experience programs where we will give you paid learners for a period of 6 months to 18 months giving you free staff to expand and take you to new levels.
  • We also have our own training department and we can offer skilled training for your existing call centre staff.

PER SEAT MODEL with Fully Set-up Call Centres:

We offer a fully set up call centre model for only R5000 per seat includes the ffg:

  • Uncapped Voice to dial as much as you want(SA local and cellular only).
  • Uncapped Fibre 200 meg internet with failover.
  • Computers with windows and office pre-installed.
  • Headsets,keyboards and mouses.
  • Call Centre clusters and chairs.
  • Manager desk and chair.
  • Fully Air-conditioned offices.
  • On-site technical and IT support .
  • On-site trainer and coaches.
  • Trained QA department(if you dial our campaign or yours).
  • Includes a Call Centre agent (this is part of workplace program).
  • On-site HR.
  • Reception facility.
  • Meeting rooms and boardroom.
  • Inbound facilities also available.

Call Center Support and Back-up:

  • We offer full IT installations for call centres.
  • We offer onsite placement at no charge depending on the contracts we have with client.
  • We offer 24/7 full remote support.

Campaigns for Call Centres:

  • We offer campaigns to call centres with our network providers.
  • We also offer our own campaigns that we own and manage.
  • We offer full debit order facilities from AEDO to NAEDO and various collection platforms.
  • We offer full campaign briefs with training and ongoing support.
  • Our campaigns offer once off commissions and annuity income as well.